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How does my Guardit Lockbox work?


Models 3008s and 3008m only

Once you have secured your GuardIt Lockbox in a suitable location, make sure that it is left unlocked.  The courier driver then places any parcels inside and uses the locking mechanism. These models are ideal for once a day deliveries and a perfect for larger items such as wine cartons etc.  See sizing.

Once your delivery has been made your parcel is then safe in the GuardIt Lockbox until you (the homeowner) unlocks it with your key.


Models 3010 only

Are always ready to receive parcels. Parcel deliverer simples lifts the lid and puts parcel in.  Parcel then slips down into holding zone.  These models are ideal if you expect multiple deliveries in one day.  The maximum size of delivery for these models is 340mm x 220mm and H130mm, or alternatively you could communicate access to the holding zone for delivery of a larger package.

Once your delivery has been made your parcel is then safe in the GuardIt Lockbox until you (the homeowner) unlocks it using your unique combination.


Where is the best place to put my Guardit Lockbox?


Urban (Suggestions)

Ideally just inside your fence line either on a concrete pad or fixed to your internal fence line or at side or front of house. Bolts are supplied to secure your Guardit Lockbox.  Notification sticker for your letterbox is also supplied and recommended.

Rural (Suggestions)

Just inside your gate or at side or front of house affixed to either a concrete pad or support structure. Bolts are supplied to secure your Guardit Lockbox. Notification sticker for your letterbox is supplied and also recommended.

How will my courier know where to put my parcel?


If you do not require a signature for your parcel deliveries just include directions to your GuardIt Lockbox in the delivery instructions and specify “No Signature Required”.

If you do require a signature for parcel deliveries then you will need to complete an authority to leave form (ATL) for each courier company that is likely to be delivering to you.  Click on the link below to go straight to the authority to leave forms for most local couriers.


NEW ZEALAND COURIERS http://forms.nzcextras.co.nz/html/form_authoritytoleave.html

POSTHASTE COURIERS http://www.posthaste.co.nz/mydropzone/

FASTWAY COURIERS http://downloads.fastway.org/AU/web/authority-to-leave.pdf

NOW COURIERS http://www.nowcouriers.co.nz/documents/now_authorityleave.pdf 

PBT COURIERS http://www.pbt.co.nz/nick/Authority_to_Leave_Freight_Receiver.pdf

COURIER POST https://www.nzpost.co.nz/sites/default/files/uploads/shared/authority-to-leave-form.pdf

Once you have completed the ATL or send to their local office. The courier driver will then be able to leave parcels in your GuardIt Lockbox and it will be as though you were there to sign for it. These ATL forms only need to be completed once because they stay in force until you revoke them.


To assist delivery we suggest including details on the delivery address: 

Mr & Mrs Homeowner

Guardit Lockbox (inside Fence Line)

1122 Anywhere Lane


New Zealand



We have also included in your product pack a letter/form addressed to your Rural Delivery contractor, so they are aware of the location of your Guardit Lockbox.  simply fill out the form it in and return it to Rural Delivery Contractor.


Is it likely that a courier will not leave a parcel in my Guardit Lockbox?

If a signature is required and you have not filled in an authority to leave form the courier driver cannot deliver your parcel.

If no signature is required then the only reasons why a parcel shouldn’t be delivered is because it is too large to fit in your GuardIt Lockbox or your GuardIt Lockbox is not unlocked (Models 3008S/M).

In that case the courier driver will need to leave an attempted delivery form in your letterbox. He/she will then deliver the next day. You will need to make sure that your GuardIt Lockbox is empty and unlocked.

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