About Us

The idea came about when we were at the neighbours having coffee and awaiting a delivery. In typical fashion we only saw the courier driver as he was leaving. Hence my husband had to chase him down the road as the delivery was important.

My husband has an affiliation with courier distributors and contractors and thought that my idea of a delivery box was worthy of further investigation as it would not only benefit the homeowner but be beneficial for courier delivery agencies as well. With the increasing prevalence of online purchasing there was bound to be lots of interest.

We are based in Hamilton and are a small family run business looking to provide a quality product where there is a real need, at a realistic price so all parcel receivers can enjoy the benefit.

There are several model options available and also several colours to meet the needs of all consumers.

As we are a new business we welcome your feedback on what new colours and models you would like to see in the future. Click here: Lee@guarditlockbox.co.nz

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